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Continuing education for architects and engineers

How to Apply LEED to Multi-Building Campuses

Achieving LEED certification is an important goal for many property owners and developers. It’s not easy, and many rules are involved that can vary along with the specifications of the project. One significant variation is regarding multi-building campuses. Single vs. Multi-Use There are pros and cons to applying for LEED certification for a group of […]

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Florida 2018 Continuing Education for Architects

Most states require professional development hours for architects seeking license renewal. The number of hours varies depending on the state. Florida is one of the more demanding states, requiring 24 professional development hours for a two-year license renewal, while some other states require 16, 12, 8 or even none. The Florida Department of Business and […]

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How to Increase Your Salary as an Architect

Continuing education for architects can provide these professionals with the skills necessary to take full advantage of their degrees and help maximize earning potential. It’s no small feat to become an architect. Years of difficult math classes combined with courses in design and construction challenge both sides of an architect’s brain. You must be able […]

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Designing an Energy Efficient Future: New Building Materials in Architecture

Energy-efficient architecture is dynamic, and continuing education for architects can help professionals in the field stay abreast of important changes. Most people want to save energy, but not usually at the expense of their personal comfort. This conundrum has sparked creativity in the industry, creating a market for sustainable building materials and practices that meet […]

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Broaden Your Architectural Knowledge with Online Classes

When you’re an architect, continuing education is a must. In many states, it’s required to maintain licensure, and it’s also required for membership in the American Institute of Architects. But even if continuing education for architects was not required, it’s a critical component of staying marketable in your field. Architecture is a broad discipline with […]

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