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Engineering Continuing Education

Continuing education

You’re busy enough; continuing education should be as low-stress as possible.

Engineering continuing education requirements vary depending on which state you’re licensed or registered in, at least with regard to how many credit hours you need and on which schedule you need to complete them. The course requirements themselves, however, are the same in most states.

Whether your state requires new engineering CE credits every year, every odd-numbered year, or every even-numbered year, PDH Academy can help you meet those requirements to keep your education up-to-date in a convenient way that fits your busy schedule.

Continuing education

Continuing ed requirements help you keep your license current.

Engineering Continuing Education Requirements

Regardless of where you live, a current license or registration requires an ongoing series of continuing education credits. This keeps you on top of new developments in the industry, so your education never falls behind.

Some states, such as Alabama and Arkansas, require engineers to earn new CE credits every year. But most states follow an every-other-year pattern. Some fall on even numbered years, and some on the odds.

PDH Academy’s available courses are in line with every state’s engineering CE requirements, with the exceptions of Indiana, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey.

Which Engineering Courses are Available

One option for earning credits can save you money. With our “3-Course Bundle,” you’ll get Roundabouts Introduction and Planning, Roundabouts Operation and Safety, and Highway and Rail Transit Tunnel Inspection. Total credit hours for this bundle is 15.

You can also find many more approved continuing education options individually. Choose from approved courses in Stream Restoration, Curing Concrete Pavements, Ethical Decisions and Moral Overload, Design of Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks, Green Building and Climate Resilience, and numerous others.

Each course that you choose will go toward satisfying your annual or bi-annual continuing education requirements, as long as you live in one of the 45 states that accepts these PDH credits.

What happened to the other state? That’s Florida. Although PDH Academy is fully approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, their course requirements are a bit different from other states. You can find themĀ here.

Continuing education

PDH Academy makes engineering continuing education accessible and affordable.

Why PDH Academy is the Right Choice

Life and work are busy enough. And even though your continuing education course requirements aren’t the same as going back to college full time, it still can be difficult to find room in your schedule for study and taking an exam.

PDH Academy makes your required coursework materials simple to access, and easy to complete. Everything is available online, from course payment all the way through to the final for each course.

Fees are affordable, too. You can save money by purchasing the 3-Course Bundle, but a la carte course choices range from $23 to $149, with proportionately corresponding credit hours.

Continuing education shouldn’t be a burden, and the less inconvenience the better. PDH Academy offers you relevant course materials that enhance your engineering education, an easy-to-use online format, and competitive fees that make fulfilling your engineering requirements as pain-free as possible.

Check out ourĀ courses, and see how easy it is to get started.

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