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Stress-Free Land Surveyor Continuing Education Starts Here

Land surveyor continuing education

If you’re a land surveyor, you need regular continuing education course work. With only a few states as exceptions, PDH Academy land surveyor courses are the right fit for surveyors coast to coast.

Education is a necessary component of the job. It can also be a frustrating one unless you find a provider who takes out the hassle and streamlines the process. That’s our specialty. With PDH Academy, you’ll find the courses you need in a format that fits your busy work schedule.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for all of your CE requirements.

Choose Correspondence-Style or Online Access

Who says you can’t take it with you? PDH Academy land surveyor continuing ed courses are portable, whether you chose printed materials or digital.

If you’re a traditionalist, we offer course booklets sent through the mail. After you complete the exam, we can mail, fax, or email your certificate of completion.

If you prefer continuing education online, we’ve got that, too. Our convenient, downloadable materials let you study at a desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

Plan Your Education From a Wide Range of Courses

PDH Academy offers several courses that are approved in most states. Exceptions include Florida, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas, New York and Maryland.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Survey Markers and Monumentation
  • Project Control, Coordinate Systems and Datums
  • Structural Deformation Surveying
  • Construction Surveying—Earthwork
  • Acoustic Multi-Beam Survey Systems for Deep Draft Navigation Projects
  • Specifications for Descriptions of Land
  • Fundamentals of Property Rights and Boundaries
  • Ethics for Land Surveyors

Digital access is simple. Click on the course that you want, make the payment and download the materials. If you choose a hard copy, we’ll mail the booklet to you.

Land surveyor continuing education

Bundled course materials let you spend more time working and less time shopping for CE units.

Save Money With a CE Course Bundle

What’s better than lots of relevant land surveyor CE courses? Course bundles that save you money.

PDH Academy offers two course bundles with 16 CE units. Here’s how they stack up:

Bundle A

  • Specifications for Descriptions of Land
  • The System of Rectangular Surveys
  • Placeholder Fundamentals of Property Rights and Boundaries

Bundle B

  • Planning and Processing Surveys for Civil Works Projects
  • Survey Markers and Monumentation
  • Fundamentals of Corner Restoration
  • Construction Surveying—Curves

Each bundle costs $178, and each saves you $62 over buying the courses a la carte.

Cover Multiple State With PDH Academy Courses

Some prospective students have asked about multi-state licensing. With multiple CE requirements across state lines, can one course cover them all? The answer is: yes! There’s no reason to buy more than you need.

When you take and pass Single Beam Acoustic Depth Measurement Techniques, it applies in every state where you hold a license. The only exception is if one or more of the states fall into the “non-approved” category listed above.

Our land surveyor courses don’t necessarily expire, so you can buy in bulk and use the courses as needed with an exception. They do expire with the AIA every three years. Keep track of the course date and finish the work before the expiration period.

Land surveyors across the country rely on PDH Academy for timely, relevant and convenient continuing education. You should, too. Check out what’s available today.

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