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PDH Academy and AIA Continuing Education: A Great Pair

AIA continuing education

PDH Academy and AIA are there every time you return for more courses.

Continuing education for architects is, by definition, a never ending pursuit. Fortunately, PDH Academy and AIA offer a wealth of courses that complement each other and your career. It doesn’t matter where you are in your profession. The courses offered by PDH Academy and the AIA help you keep your licensing current and your AIA membership active and in good standing.

Here’s what you can expect when you take advantage of both continuing education resources.

PDH Academy Helps Meet Your Licensing and AIA CE Course Requirements

If you’re like most architects, you’re busy beyond belief. Maybe you don’t have time to stop working and travel to attend a workshop or seminar. And maybe you need continuing education credits that fit into your work schedule. PDH Academy makes professional development simple, straightforward and just about as hassle-free as can be.

We offer single courses as well as money-saving CE course bundles, some of which are state-specific. You can work through our correspondence course option, or opt to take your courses online. Testing is available online, too. And it’s all accessible in one place.

PDH Academy also helps you meet your AIA CE requirements and we report your credits to the AIA on your behalf. And if you choose one of course bundle options, you can use some of the courses now and save some for later. They don’t expire.

Because PDH Academy is an approved AIA provider, the credits you earn through us will combine with the others you earn through the Institute. They’re accessible on the same transcript.

AIA continuing education

You can work online with either CE choice.

The AIA Offers a Broad Range of Continuing Education Options

The AIA offers a tremendous wealth of continuing education choices. There are hundreds of different individual courses that cover numerous topics including legal, project management, sustainable design, and many others.

Additionally, the AIA gives its members the opportunity to learn through workshop participation, lecture attendance and by attending and participating in regular AIA conventions. State, regional and city-based AIA chapters may offer even more opportunities to learn, especially on topics of local interest.

Members can use the internet to access podcasts, magazine publications, articles, teleconferences, audio conferences, webcasts and NCARB monographs, says AIA. And transcripts are always available, so you’ll know which courses you’ve already taken and when.

The AIA offers two types of learning experiences for architects. General LUs, (LU) and Health, Safety and Welfare LUs (LU/HSW). There’s also an option for certain self-reporting activities to be counted toward CE credit.

Architects will always need professional development hours. They’re part of how the changing needs of society and the industry are met. They’re how architects keep individual clients and citizens safe and happy, and how whole communities benefit from good design. And as long as courses are required, the AIA and PDH Academy will strive to provide access to the high-quality education you require.

If you’re looking for another way to fulfill continuing education credits that your license and AIA membership require, you’re in the right place. Check out our AIA-approved courses for architects today.

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