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4 Ways CPAs Can Charge Their Batteries Before Busy End-of-Year Work Begins

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Summer is over and if yours was like most, it wasn’t exactly relaxing. Relaxing vacations are usually anything but, and with kids out of school, the pace can be a bit hectic.

Entering the new fall season with your batteries charged can help avoid burnout later on. Before business starts ramping up again, take a final opportunity to send off the summer with something fun and different from usual work life.

Here are a few ideas that Jetpack recommends:

#1: Plan a Company Outing or Get-Together

Pulling the company together with a casual event can help break down barriers that exist inside the office and strengthen teams. Because they’re out of the ordinary, they can also be a fun break from the norm. A rented cabin retreat, picnic or a trip to a conference lets everyone relax a little.

Just be careful not to plan something too complicated or elaborate. While outings, picnics, and other activities can be enjoyable, they can also stress out the organizers. Think about games, catered food, and comfortable areas to relax where people in the firm can get to know each other outside of the usual office dynamic.

Continuing education

Day spas offer much more than massages; you could get yoga lessons, music therapy or a relaxing soak.

#2: Check out a Local Spa for Some Much Needed Pampering

If you’ve never visited a spa, you’re in for a treat. It doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you visit a local spa and get a group discount. Maybe your team is interested in a yoga lesson, a warm and relaxing mineral soak or a massage.

If a trip to a spa isn’t doable, what about hiring a professional for a day? A freelance massage therapist could come to your office, says Jetpack, and turn one room into a spa for a day.

#3: Organize Rotating Office-Wide Personal Days

If the workload is still too busy to afford a company-wide retreat or day off, rotating personal days might be a good substitute. Over the course of a week or more, depending on the number of employees, each person could get a no-hassle day with no alarm clock, no phone calls, no emails and no responsibilities.

One rule, says Jetpack, is that everyone should agree to do something fun and relaxing. Spending a “me” day catching up on household chores isn’t exactly conducive to recharging batteries.

#4: Think About Working Remotely for a Week

As more companies embrace flexible working arrangements, working from home occasionally isn’t as unusual as it once was. The chance to work remotely for a week might be the recharging boost that your team needs.

As with taking a personal day, you could stagger these work-from-home weeks so the office isn’t unmanned. Employees can sleep a little later, work in their pajamas take a longer lunch and nap if they feel like it. As long as the work gets done, how it happens shouldn’t matter.

Summer is often billed as the season of fun and relaxation. But for a lot of people, it’s the busiest season of all. Outings with the kids, outdoor chores at home and even family vacations can take their toll. So instead of shifting into the next busy work season without a break, take this opportunity to catch your breath. The morale of the office and your productivity will probably thank you.

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