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PDH Academy Needs Continuing Education Subject Matter Experts

Continuing education

If you consider yourself to be an expert in your field, you might have thought about how you could participate in educating people who want to work in fields like yours. You might have considered teaching or a mentorship, but you may not have thought about developing course material for continuing education your industry.

If you are thinking about becoming a subject matter expert in a field like architecture, engineering, or any of these other fields, PDH Academy may have the perfect opportunity for you.

Architecture Experts

Whether you are an expert in urban design or you have specialized in pop-up pre-fabricated homes, you have material to share with new and incoming architects. Your expertise in sustainable housing, storm shelters, concrete, and moisture resistance will come in handy.

Cosmetology Experts

Cosmetology professionals are often experts in beauty essentials, but they often also specialize in niche topics. Are you knowledgeable about cosmetology chemicals and safety? Do you understand potential hazards that lurk in salon environments? Will you be excited to write about preventing infection and business practices? You might be the ideal candidate to write about your career path.

Engineering Experts

Engineering courses help facilitate emerging engineers build their skills. Bring your skills about everything from aerial data acquisition to 3D modeling to the drawing board to create material for these courses. Course topics include everything from rail transit tunnels and roundabouts to earthquake resistant pipes and ethical decisions in engineering.

Land Surveying Experts

Land surveyor courses are available in many states through PDH Academy. Do you have in-depth understanding of writing land descriptions? Are you well-versed in civil works projects and restoration? If you understand the ins and outs of land surveying, you may be the perfect candidate to create course materials.

Real Estate Experts

Real estate is a tricky business, especially state by state. With laws and regulations changing from location to location, having a variety of skilled real estate professionals is beneficial. Whether you’re an expert in sprucing up homes for open houses or you’re skilled in real estate marketing, you can craft fantastic course material for our students.

Physical Therapy Experts

Physical therapy professionals are needed to provide a comprehensive overview of topics like lower and upper extremity orthopedic testing, athletic injuries, rehabilitative measures, and ethical and legal considerations in the physical therapy field.

Speech Therapy Experts

PDH Academy offers state-approved courses for those wishing to study speech-language pathology. It is helpful to have a solid understanding of augmentative-alternative communication in addition to causes and treatments of stuttering. Writers should have a wide breadth of knowledge in different therapy techniques and the link between speech and autism.

Massage Therapy Experts

Massage therapy is a rich field offering a variety of perspectives. You bring something unique to the table. Bring your expertise on massage styles and techniques for patients with different medical concerns. As a massage therapist, you can bring a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Continuing education

As a massage therapist, you have been trained in a variety of techniques to treat many different people. You have the opportunity to pass on this knowledge.

Occupational Therapy Experts

Occupational therapy encompassed a wide variety of cases. You might be skilled in treating children with sensory disorders or you may be an expert in osteoarthritis and rehabilitation. Your professional services might lead you to write well on subjects like autoimmune disorders that influence work and communication.

Are you ready to contribute to PDH Academy’s online course library? Not only does this provide an excellent boost to your resume, but it also allows you to make a professional contribution. Whether you are skilled to write about massage therapy or for PE approved courses, you may be a strong candidate.

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