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6 FAQs About Florida Architect Continuing Education

Florida architects

When are continuing education courses for Florida architects due? How many LUs are required? Where can I find AIA approved continuing education providers? Even if you’re a seasoned architect working in Florida, you probably have to remind yourself about deadlines and course requirements. Here’s what you need to know.

#1: What are my Continuing Education Requirements for Licensing and the AIA? When are They Due?

The Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design requires 24 credit hours biennially. You’ll need 22 continuing education hours in health, safety and welfare-related (HSW) courses.

Additionally, architects are required to obtain 2 credit hours in Florida Building Code advanced courses. As for the AIA, you need 18 credit hours every year with 12 LUs in HSW.

#2: Does PDH Academy Offer the Florida Advanced Building Code Course?

Our Florida Building Code Advanced Course offers 2 learning units or CE hours and is based on the 5th Edition 2014 Highlights and Changes.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The definition of an ambulatory facility
  • How to calculate area and height increases for open parking garages
  • How initial state Alzheimer’s facilities are categorized
  • The minimum permanent open space requirements around open malls
  • Maximum square footage of sheds that aren’t required to comply with windburn debris code standards
  • New requirements for occupancies that store, display or manufacture upholstered furniture and mattresses
  • And much more

#3: Can I Save Money with Architect Course Bundles?

PDH Academy offers a course bundle specifically for Florida architects. It offers 12 LUs at a cost of $189, which is a $40 savings over purchasing each course in the bundle separately.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Florida Building Code Changes Advanced Course (AIAPDH134)
  • Review of Structural Materials & Methods for Home Building in the U.S.: 1900-2000 (PDH117)
  • Green Building Guidelines for New Home Construction (PDH123)
  • Architectural Concrete (PDH133)

#4: Who Reports My Continuing Education Hours to the AIA and Florida Licensing Board?

If you’re an AIA member, all continuing education credits earned through PDH Academy are automatically reported to the American Institute of Architects on your behalf. Florida doesn’t require architects to report continuing education credits, but you’ll need to keep records. PDH Academy doesn’t report to the Florida Board of Architecture and Design.


Online courses let you study anytime, anywhere.

#5: How Do I Get My Certificate of Completion?

After completing a course through PDH Academy, you have three options for receiving your certificate of completion. We can email you a copy, send it via fax or mail a hard copy to your home or business.

#6: Is There a PDH Academy Brick-and-Mortar Classroom for Florida Architects?

At this time, PDH Academy continuing education courses are not available in a classroom setting. Many architects prefer the time-saving convenience of taking courses online. However, we also offer courses correspondence style. We’ll mail you a course booklet and exam, which you’ll mail back after completion.

As long as you practice architecture, continuing education will be part of the bargain. Fortunately, PDH Academy makes it simple and convenient. We’re an approved provider for both Florida and the AIA, so you can relax, grab a course bundle and stay ahead of the game.

Check out our courses for architects today.

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