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Architectural Concrete


Moisture control now includes the challenge of managing interior moisture, including water vapor, in order to promote occupant comfort, protect indoor air quality, and prevent the development of mold.

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Course Description:

This course provides guidance for the design and construction of architectural concrete, including planning and design, forms, materials and proportions, batching and transporting, placement,
curing and form removal, exposed aggregate surfaces, finishing, and quality assurance. Course material is from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Manual 1110-1-2009.

Learning Units: 3.0 LU/HSW

Learning Objective 1: Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the structural design parameters that are essential in architectural concrete construction and that must be addressed by the

Learning Objective 2: The student will learn many of the techniques used to obtain various finishes and appearances as
well as how to specify them.

Learning Objective 3: The student will understand specific material batching and concrete placement techniques and
how these affect the final appearance.

Learning Objective 4: The student will know how