The AIA: A Rock of Equality in Uncertain Times


Few other industries have as broad and cooperative of an international workforce as architecture. The recent issues affecting policy, passports, worker visas and immigration have the potential to hit the community hard, but the AIA hasn’t wavered.

The future isn’t as smooth as it has been in recent years, at least not with regard to certain issues. That doesn’t signal a time to rest and reflect. Instead, the AIA is speaking out and taking action.

New Policies Don’t Change Existing Knowledge

“Reducing the carbon footprint of buildings is not just good for the environment; it’s good for business.”

With the new administration, legendary agencies, such as the E.P.A. are at risk of being reorganized or perhaps dismantled altogether. Legislation that protects the environment is being eliminated. Regulations that prohibit businesses from engaging in dangerous practices are being nullified.

The AIA believes in sustainability, resource preservation, and protection from known hazards. Although new policies may emerge that are counterintuitive to scientific research, they stand behind green construction and minimizing man-made contributors to global warming.

Architecture is a Global Community and Immigration Must be Fair

“Societies everywhere benefit from the ability of architects of all nationalities to collaborate.”

Architecture knows no cultural or national boundaries. It’s an interconnected community that spans the globe. Architects are accustomed to working cooperatively, but current trends toward travel restrictions can cause real harm.

The AIA believes that while immigration policies must protect Americans, they must also treat people with respect and not cause unnecessary harm. Unduly strict immigration policies may prevent students and professionals from contributing to American society.


The AIA is on the front line advocating for a better future.

Advocacy is as Strong Now as Ever

“Together, AIA members carry a powerful voice for the values they uphold in their practices each and every day.”

The AIA does more than take a stand, they stand behind what they believe. They’re not just the creators of architecture, they’re the architects of change. Their 2016-2020 Strategic Plan says they intend to elevate public awareness about the value of architecture and advocate for the profession.

The plan includes the advancement of federal-, state- and local-level policies that support the influential power of architects with regard to issues that resonate within the industry. AIA members carry flags on Capitol Hill and meet with Congressional staff members. They’re active in shaping the future of America, even when it means working against the current tide.

American architects have long championed causes that further the industry and improve the wellbeing of society. They meet directly with the policymakers who shape today and tomorrow. When the going gets tough, they double down and keep working.

The current administration aside, the AIA is no different now than it was before. For the past 160 years, members have always striven for a better quality of life for people in the U.S. and around the world. Today is like every other day: when there’s a job to do, the AIA gets to work.

Continuing education keeps your AIA membership in good standing, not to mention it’s necessary for licensure. When your next credit hours are due, check out our courses for architects.

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