Which School of Continuing Education is Right for Florida Engineers?

Continuing education

If you’re a professional engineer in the state of Florida, you need eighteen hours of continuing education at every biennial license renewal. That’s according to the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE). The requirements changed in March of 2015 and affect licensing during the 2015-2017 renewal period.

Fortunately, PDH Academy has the Florida-specific continuing education courses that you need. They’re easy to find, hassle-free to complete and keep you compliant with Florida rules.

Why choose PDH Academy over another CE course provider? We can think of a few good reasons.

Choose From Several Continuing Education Courses Geared for Florida

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers explains that to fulfill license renewal requirements, courses must meet certain stipulation:

  • 1 hour of Florida rules of professional engineers
  • 1 hour of Florida professional ethics
  • 4 hours of area of practice learning

That leaves 12 hours, which you can use any way that you like. At least as long as course materials pertain to the practice of engineering.

PDH Academy offers several CE courses that meet Florida requirements.

  • Florida Ethics Course PDH220
  • Florida Laws & Rules Course PDH221
  • Florida Building Code Changes Advanced Course PDH219

For further study, you can choose from these and other individual engineering courses:

  • Roundabouts Introduction and Planning PDH201
  • Roundabouts Operation and Safety PDH202
  • Highway and Rail Transit Tunnel Inspection PDH203
  • Stream Restoration PDH204
  • Structure and Properties of Metals – Volume 1 PDH215
  • Structure and Properties of Metals – Volume 2 PDH212

If none of those strike your fancy, we offer several other courses, including LEED recertification, ADA Standards and Electrical Power Distribution Systems. There’s a lot to choose from.

Purchase a Course Bundle and Save Some Money

All of our professional development courses are available individually. Just add a course to your cart, submit the payment and gain immediate access. But if you’re a thrifty sort of person, you might want a convenient course bundle. We have two just for Florida engineers.

Our 4-hour Florida course bundle includes Florida Ethics, Florida Rules & Laws and Florida Building Code Changes Advanced Course. If you want the whole package to fulfill all 18 hours, pick our 18-hour Florida Course Bundle. You’ll get Ethics and Rule & Laws plus these courses:

  • Roundabouts Intro & Planning
  • Roundabouts Operation & Safety
  • Highway & Rail Transit Tunnel Inspection

By choosing a bundle, you can save between $28 and $71.

Continuing education

Online continuing education lets you get back to work sooner.

Complete Coursework Conveniently Online

Chances are, you have plenty of work on your plate to stay occupied. Continuing education is necessary, but that doesn’t make it convenient. With online access to study materials as well as the exam for each course, you can complete Florida licensing requirements without attending a brick-and-mortar classroom.

There’s also no wait time once you’ve completed a course. After you submit a final, passing exam, we’ll deliver your certificate of completion via e-mail, fax or through traditional mail. This certificate serves as proof that you successfully met Florida’s continuing education requirements.

Professional development hours aren’t necessarily fun. But they don’t have to be a time-consuming hassle, either.

PDH Academy offers the convenience of online courses at affordable prices, even more affordable when you buy a bundle. Ready to jump in? Check out our PE approved courses today.

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