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PDH Academy Meets Your AIA Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education

Continuing education helps you stay current, and we help you find the courses that you need.

AIA continuing education is a part of life for many architects. And for both architects and engineers, professional development hours come with the territory. If you want to stay licensed and keep professional association memberships, it’s one of those things that’s got to be done.

At PDH Academy, we understand that your time is valuable. While you might even enjoy continuing education, it’s not always the most convenient requirement to meet. That’s why our courses are consistently some of the best around. We help you get what you need, and then get back to your regularly scheduled work life.

Here’s what you can expect from our CE credit program:

AIA and State Licensing Board Approved

Continuing education credits are required by organizations such as the AIA and by state licensing boards. So it wouldn’t make sense to spend the time and expense on courses that neither one could honor.

Our coursework is approved by the AIA, and also by many state licensing boards. You can find out where your state stands on both engineering and architecture credits at this link. Once complete, we can even send your exam info to the AIA on your behalf.

Continuing education

You can always take exams online, but you don’t have to.

Flexible Coursework and Exams

All of the PDH Academy coursework is available online. That means you can work on CE credits on your own timeframe, day or night. Each course has its own 10-question final exam, which you can also complete from the comfort of your home office.

If you prefer paper materials, you can study from a hard copy course booklet and fill out the exam answer sheet. When you’re finished, you can email, fax or mail it through the USPS.

Hassle Free Registration and Payment

Hassle-free is important to us. So much so that we give you a few different options to pay for your courses. There’s the telephone, for those who prefer to pay by debit or credit card and speak with a person. You can also pay online, if you like. And if you want a hard copy transaction, mail us a check to pay for your courses.

Because we’re committed to your satisfaction, we have a 5-day refund, cancellation and return policy. As long as you contact us at (888)564-9098 ¬†within 5 days, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price.

Continuing education

Get your certificate via email in minutes.

Convenient Certificate Distribution

Once a course is finished, you’ll need the certificate of completion that goes along with it. The certificate is always available online, so you can print it out as soon as you’ve taken the final exam.

You can also choose fax, email, and the USPS for a certificate delivery method. It’s really your choice. Unless an employer or association asks for an original copy, you can choose the delivery method that best suits you.

At PDH Academy, we strive for a continuing education program that’s seamless. From the time when you select and pay for your courses to when you receive your certificate of completion, we’re here to help make the process as straightforward as possible.

Check our courses the next time your continuing education requirements are due. You’ll find money-saving coursework bundles, and a wide range of individual offerings on all of the critical subjects, too.

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