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12 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) are required as a condition for the annual license renewal. The requirement for the CEH for the annual renewal shall be acquired during the period beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of the previous calendar year. A minimum of 12 CEH shall consist of structured educational activities on relevant topics addressing health, safety, and welfare subjects.

Course Info:

“Self-directed activity” means:

  1. An unstructured self-study visit to an architecturally significant site;
  2. A professional service to the public which draws on the registrant’s expertise as an architect; or
  3. A business practice course related to new technology, offered by a person qualified by education or experience.

“Structured activity” means a:

  1. College or university sponsored course;
  2. Seminar;
  3. Tutorial;
  4. Short course; or
  5. Professional or technical organization sponsored:
    1. Program;
    2. Course;
    3. Self-study course; or
    4. Monograph.

A minimum of eight (8) PDU’s shall consist of structured activities, addressing the following relevant topics:

  1. Codes, statutes, and administrative regulations governing the practice of architecture;
  2. Environmental issues;
  3. Code of ethics;
  4. State registration law;
  5. Design proficiency;
  6. New technology
  7. Interface, other than normal day-to-day contact, with other design disciplines
  8. Legal aspects
  9. Study or consultation opportunity.

A maximum of four (4) PDU’s may consist of self-directed activities, addressing the following elective topics:

  1. Business or practice efficiency;
  2. Business development;
  3. Personal skills;
  4. New skills; or
  5. General education.

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Kentucky Architect Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an AIA member. Do you report my continuing education hours to the AIA?

Yes. We report all continuing education hours to the AIA after you complete your continuing education with us, if you are an AIA member.

Do you report my results to the Kentucky Board?

The way it works in Kentucky, you will renew your license and check the box letting them know you completed your mandatory architect continuing education. If the board audits you, they will ask you to provide your certificates of completion for your architect continuing education courses.

Do you offer any architect continuing education training that is not online or correspondence?

We offer online and correspondence continuing education to renew your Kentucky architect license. We do not offer any classroom continuing education courses for Kentucky architects. We find that most students prefer to complete their continuing education online on their computer, smartphone, or tablet – or out of our course booklet.

Do you provide me with a certificate of completion when I finish your continuing education course?

Yes, all graduates of our Kentucky architect continuing education course will receive a certificate of completion. We can either email, mail, or fax the certificate to you.

What if I still have questions about completing my Kentucky architect continuing education courses?

No problem. Just call our continuing education specialists at (888)564-9098 or email us at .