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Idaho Land Surveyors

Requirements: 30 PDH’s during the renewal period biennium (beginning on the first day of the month following the month in which the Licensee was born.)

PDH’s in excess of thirty (30) cumulative in two (2) years, or PDH’s earned during a period in which he is exempt, can be carried forward to the next two (2) year calendar period, not to exceed thirty (30) PDH’s carried forward to the next two (2) year calendar period.

Course Info:
PDH units may be earned in the following activities, however, PDH units must come from two (2) or more activities.

01. Successful Completion of College Credits. (7-1-99)

02. Successful Completion of Continuing Education Units. (7-1-99)

03. Successful Completion of Other Courses. Correspondence, televised, videotaped, and other short courses/tutorials for which college credits or CEUs are awarded. (7-1-99)

04. Attending Qualifying Seminars. Attending qualifying seminars, inhouse courses, workshops, or technical or professional presentations made at meetings, conventions, or conferences. (7-1-99)

05. Teaching or Instructing. Teaching or instructing in Subsections 005.01 through 005.04 above, above and beyond routine job assignments. (7-1-99)

06. Authoring Published Papers, Articles, or Books. (7-1-99)

07. Membership in Technical or Professional Organizations. (7-1-99)

08. Active Participation in Technical or Professional Organizations. (7-1-99)

09. Patents. (7-1-99)

10. Presentations to Technical, Professional or Civic Organizations. (7-1-99)

11. Documented Self Study. (5-8-09)

Board Website: Idaho Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors