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Texas Land Surveyors

PDH Academy is an approved provider in Texas.
We currently have 3 courses totaling 12 hours approved in Texas. Check here for our Texas approved courses.

Requirements: 12 PDH units annually ending December 31

3 of these units must be in ethics and/or on the Board’s Act and Rule

Course Info:
Continuing education courses and professional development undertaken by a registrant shall be acceptable if the activity is approved by the Board and falls in one or more of the following categories:

(1) Appointment, membership, or service on the Board or employment by the Board;

(2) Completion of undergraduate or graduate academic courses with a passing grade in areas supporting development of skill and competence in professional land surveying at an institution which is accredited by ABET, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or an equivalent;

(3) Teaching or consultation in programs such as institutes, seminars, workshops which provide increased professional knowledge related to the practice of professional land surveying;

(4) Participation in those sections of programs (e.g., institutes, seminars, workshops, and conferences) which provide increased professional knowledge related to the practice of professional land surveying and are conducted by persons qualified within their respective professions by appropriate state licensure or certification where state licensure or certification exists, or in states outside of Texas where licensure or certification does not exist by completion of a graduate degree and certification by their respective professional associations;

(5) Author of a technical paper relating to professional land surveying published in a Board approved publication;

(6) Appointment to and active participation by non-Board members on a committee of the Board;

(7) Satisfactory completion of scheduled assignments in a correspondence course;

(8) Meetings and activities such as in-service programs which are required as a part of one’s job; and have been approved by the Board;

(9) A maximum of four (4) hours of self-directed study in a topic related to the practice of surveying.

Board Website: Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying