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Tennessee Land Surveyors

PDH Academy is currently not an approved provider.

Requirements: Continuing education reporting is now biennial (every two years). It is no longer necessary to report education at the end of each year, as long as you show your 30-hour total by the end of every renewal cycle. The current cycle ends on December 31, 2017.

A minimum of two (2) PDH’s shall be earned by successfully completing a course or activity that has content areas focused on surveying ethics and standards of practice.

If a licensee exceeds the biennial requirement in any renewal period, a maximum of fifteen (15) PDH’s may be carried forward to the subsequent renewal period.

Course Info:

(1) Continuing education activities for which credit may be given by the board include college and university courses which are awarded continuing education units (CEU’s), and those portions of technical meetings, seminars, webinars, tutorials, short courses and correspondence courses that are related to practice of land surveying.

(2) The Board will grant credit for only such continuing education activities that satisfy the following criteria:

(a) There is clear purpose and objectivity for each activity;

(b) The content of each presentation is well organized and presented in a sequential manner;

(c) There is evidence of pre-planning which should include the opportunity for input by the target group to be served; CONTINUING EDUCATION CHAPTER 0820-05 February, 2015 (Revised) 4

(d) The presentation will be made by persons who are well-qualified by reason of education or experience; and,

(e) There is provision for individual participant registration which will include information required for record keeping and reporting.

(3) The Board will grant no credit to a registrant for a course, technical meeting, seminar, webinar or tutorial repeated by the registrant within three (3) years (if credit was originally granted), unless, in the Board’s opinion, there is a substantial change in the content of such course, technical meeting, seminar, webinar or tutorial of the complexity of the subject matter that warrants award of additional credit.

(4) All activities submitted to the Board for continuing education credit are subject to approval by the Board.

No sponsor may provide any continuing education course(s) without prior approval from the Board.

Board Website: Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance