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Oregon Land Surveyors

Requirements: 30 PDH units during each biennial renewal period based on last name.

A maximum of 15 PDH units in courses/activities may be carried forward into the next renewal period.

Course Info:
Sources of PDH units include, but are not limited to the following:

(a) Successful completion of college courses;

(b) Successful completion of short courses, tutorials, correspondence, web based courses, televised and videotaped courses;

(c) Active participation in seminars, in-house courses, workshops, and professional conventions;

(d) Teaching or instructing a course, seminar, or workshop one time only. (This does not apply to full-time faculty teaching college courses);

(e) Authoring or co-authoring published papers, articles or books. Maximum of 10 PDH units per biennial renewal period;

(f) Active participation in professional or technical society, committee, or board. Maximum of 8 PDH units per biennial renewal period;

(g) Self study. Maximum of 6 PDH units per biennial renewal period;

(h) Mentoring of engineering, land surveying, or photogrammetry topics to a nonregistered individual not under your supervision. Each 10 hours spent mentoring equals 1 PDH unit. Maximum of 4 PDH units per biennial renewal period;

(i) Non-technical educational activities related to the registrant’s profession;

(j) Developing, writing, or scoring an Oregon Specific examination. Maximum of 15 PDH units per biennial renewal period.

Board Website: Oregon Board of Examiners of Engineering and Land Surveying