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Missouri Land Surveyors

Requirements: 20 PDHs each 2 year period immediately preceding renewal on December 31.

Of the required PDHs, land surveyors shall complete a minimum of two PDH in Surveying Standards (20 CSR 2030, Chapter 16 & 17 and/or Chapters 60 and 327, RSMo)

Of the required professional development units in the two- (2-) year renewal period, not more than twelve (12) shall be obtained in nonpersonal contact activities. Nonpersonal contact activities include correspondence courses, video and televised courses, Internet and email courses, or other activities where the presenter is not in physical proximity to the attendee.

A licensee who completes more than twenty (20) PDUs during the two (2) years immediately preceding renewal may carry forward into the next two- (2-) year period up to ten (10) PDUs.

Course Info:
Criteria: In order to qualify as acceptable PDU credit, each activity must:

  1. Have a clear purpose and objective to maintain, improve and/or expand skills and knowledge obtained prior to licensure, or to develop new and relevant skills and knowledge;
  2. Have a well organized content presented in a sequential manner;
  3. Show evidence of pre-planning, including an opportunity for input by the target group to be served;
  4. Be presented by persons qualified by education and experience; and
  5. Provide information to the licensee necessary for PDU record keeping and reporting purposes.

Except as otherwise stated in this rule, licensees shall earn one (1) PDU for every fifty (50) to sixty (60) minutes of activity that qualifies as acceptable PDU credit pursuant to this rule.

Active participation and successful completion of seminars, tutorials, workshops, short courses, correspondence courses, or televised or videotaped courses. Attending program presentations at related technical or professional meetings. A correspondence course must require the participant to show evidence of achievement with a final graded test;

Board Website: Missouri Division of Professional Registration