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Maine Land Surveyors

Requirements: 8 PDHs are required for renewal during the two-year period immediately preceding the biennial renewal date of December 31 of odd years.

Carryover of excess continuing education credit from one license term to another is not permitted.

Course Info
Continuing education may be earned by participation in any of the following activities, provided that the provider or sponsor supplies to attendees or participants a certificate of attendance or completion, as the case may be, or other documentation acceptable to the board:

  1. Live attendance at seminars, courses, instructional programs, workshops or inservice training sessions;
  2. Seminars, courses instructional programs and workshops presented on or obtained from the internet, whether live or pre-recorded;
  3. Seminars, courses and instructional programs presented on CD, DVD, thumb drive or other electronic or audiovisual media; and
  4. Courses and instructional materials presented in print format.

Content Requirement for Continuing Education Activities
A continuing education activity must instruct in one or more of the following content areas:

  1. Topics directly related to the practice of land surveying;
  2. General business administration or management relevant to the practice of land surveying;
  3. Land use regulation;
  4. Other related land use fields, including but not limited to civil or environmental engineering, site evaluation for septic system design, soils, landscape architecture, geology, forestry, title examination and insurance, and other legal issues related to real estate;
  5. Computer application skills or programming relevant to the practice of land surveying;
  6. Communication, including but not limited to speech and technical writing;
  7. Compliance with the laws and rules of the board, including but not limited to the written confirmation required by Chapter 90, Section 3 of the board’s rules; and
  8. Other subject matters the understanding of which appreciably aids a land surveyor in the performance of professional duties.

Board Website: Maine Board of Licensure for Professional Land Surveyors