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Kentucky Land Surveyors

Requirements: 8 hours of continuing education each calendar year, for a total of a minimum of sixteen professional development hours for each reporting period.

The requirement for professional development hours shall include a four (4) hour course, pre-approved by the CPDC, in standards of practice for professional land surveyors, professional ethics, and the code of professional practice and conduct, taken once every four (4) years. In the year that this course is taken, it shall count as four (4) of the required eight (8) hours.

A maximum of four (4) hours in excess of the sixteen (16) professional development hours required to be earned in a reporting period may be carried forward to the next reporting period.

Criteria for Professional Development. Professional development hours may be earned by successful completion of:

(a) College or university courses;

(b) Seminars;

(c) Tutorials;

(d) In-house programs sponsored by corporations or other organizations;

(e) Correspondence courses;

(f) Televised or videotaped courses;

(g) Distance learning courses;

(h) Teaching or instructing courses, programs, or items specified in paragraphs (a) through (g) of this subsection.

  1. This credit may be claimed at twice the number of hours permitted participants.
  2. The credit shall not be claimed more than once for teaching or instructing the same or substantially similar course, program, or item;

(i) Making or attending approved presentations at technical or professional meetings; or

(j) Publication of papers, articles, or books related to the practice of land surveying.

Activities described in subsection (1) of this section shall:

(a) Be relevant to the practice of land surveying;

(b) Contain technical, ethical, or managerial subjects;

(c) Be an organized program of learning;

(d) Be conducted by individuals with education, training, or expertise;

(e) Be offered for the number of professional development hours recommended by the  program author, subject to review and acceptance or adjustment by the CPDC; and

(f) Not include:

  1. In-service training;
  2. Orientation to specific institutional policies and practices; or
  3. Time used to sell or advertise a product.

CPD activities shall earn credit only if substantially different from a course for which credit was claimed or granted in the current calendar year or previous two (2) calendar years.

Professional development hours shall be converted as established in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this subsection.

(a) One (1) university semester hour shall equal fifteen (15) professional development hours.

(b) One (1) university quarter hour shall equal ten (10) professional development hours.

(c) One (1) continuing education unit shall equal ten (10) professional development hours.

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