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Iowa Land Surveyors

Requirements: 30 PDHs are required for renewal every other year ending on December 31st. At least 2 of the 30 PDHs must be in the area of professional ethics.

A maximum of 15 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period.

A maximum of ten professional development hours of independent study activity will be allowed per biennium per licensee. “Independent study” means any course or activity in which there is no real-time interaction between the training provider and the licensee, such as courses offered on the Internet.

Course Info:
Allowable activities. Licensees may earn professional development hours by participating in a variety of activities. The following is a sample list of allowable activities and is not all-inclusive:

a. Successful completion of college courses;

b. Successful completion of continuing education courses;

c. Successful completion of correspondence, televised, videotaped, and other short courses or tutorials;

d. Successful completion of courses on-line via the Internet;

e. Active participation in seminars, in-house courses, workshops, technical committees of professional engineering organizations, and professional conventions;

f. Teaching or instructing in the activities set forth above if such teaching or instruction is outside of the licensee’s regular employment duties and if the licensee can document such teaching activity or instruction was newly developed and presented for the first time;

g. Authoring published papers, articles or books;

h. Obtaining patents;

i. Attendance at satellite down-link video courses;

j. Participation on an NCEES examination development committee;

k. Attendance at engineering college graduate research seminars.

All of the allowable activities listed above must meet the requirements and restrictions set forth in this chapter to be accepted by the board

Board Website: Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau for Land Surveying