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Delaware Land Surveyors

Requirements: 24 PDH every two years on June 30th of odd numbered years

2 PDHs must be in Ethics. No more than 8 PDHs of the required 24 PDHs for any renewal period may be obtained by an online course.

All educational courses and their instructors, both live and online, must be approved by the Board except for those courses sponsored or offered by surveying societies located in any state or United States territory, including the District of Columbia. Rules and Regulations

PDH Academy is currently not an approved provider. 

The amount of PDHs that you are required to complete depends on when your license was issued and on whether you are considered retired. If you are 62 years old or older and you work less than 20 hours per week, you are considered retired (Section 10.12 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations).

IF your license was issued… AND IF you are… THEN the PDH requirement is:
More than two years before the expiration date Not retired 24 with at least two PDH’s in ethics
Retired 12 with at least one PDH in ethics
More than one but less than two years before the expiration date 12 with at least one PDH in ethics
Less than one year before the expiration date 0 PDH – you don’t need any PDH’s for the first renewal only

You are not permitted to carry over PDHs to the next renewal.

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