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Alaska Land Surveyors

Requirements: 24 hours due biennially on 12/31 of odd numbered years.

A Maximum of 12 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period.

A professional architect, engineer, land surveyor, or landscape architect holding multiple registrations is required to earn the total number of professional development hours of continuing education as those required for a single registration holder, however, at least 8 hours of the professional development hours must be in each registration held.

Course Info:
(1) The subject matter must address the public’s health, safety and welfare by instructing in the proper planning, design, and construction of buildings, structures, infrastructure, and the spaces within and surrounding such facilities so that
(A) risk of injury to persons or property is minimized;
(B) the results are durable and environmentally friendly;
(C) the results function properly in all relevant respects; and
(D) the results enhance the general welfare of the public;

(2) The course or activity must be relevant to the practice of professional architecture, engineering, or landscape architecture, and may include technical, ethical, or managerial content;

(3) The course or activity must be designed to maintain, improve, or expand professional architect, engineer, or landscape architect skills and knowledge;

(4) Each course or activity must be well organized and the content presented in a sequential manner;

(5) The presentation must be made by persons who are well qualified in the subject by education or experience in the subject.

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