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Alabama Land Surveyors

Requirements: 30 PDH’s every 2 years by Dec. 31st of odd years.

A Maximum of 15 PDH may be carried forward into the next renewal period.

To demonstrate that a licensed professional engineer or professional land surveyor maintains an acceptable level of competency, a licensee must obtain the number of Professional Development Hours (PDH) per renewal period as shown below. The requirement must be satisfied during the current renewal period. Professional development hours must not be anticipated and cannot be used for more than one renewal period.

PDH credits may include:

  1. The carryover permitted,
  2. PDH earned during the previous renewal period after the date of submitting the previous renewal to the Board office,
  3. PDH earned during current renewal period, and
  4. PDH earned in the following renewal period if renewing after renewal deadline
  5. A licensed professional engineer or licensed professional land surveyor must earn a minimum of fifteen PDH per annual renewal period or thirty if biennial renewal period except for the carryover permitted. The number of professional development hours which may be carried forward into the next renewal period shall not exceed fifteen whether on an annual or biennial period.
  6. A licensee who has both a professional engineer’s license and a professional land surveyor’s license can cross claim PDH’s when course material is applicable to both licenses.

Course Info:
Continuing professional competency activities which satisfy the professional development requirement shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Successfully completing or auditing college or university sponsored courses,

(b) Successfully completing courses which are awarded continuing educational units (CEU),

(c) Successfully completing tutorials, short courses, correspondence courses, televised courses, internet courses, or videotaped courses,

(d) Attending seminars, in-house programs, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made at meetings, conventions, or conferences,

(e) Teaching, presenting, or instructing as described in (a) through (d) above,

(f) Authoring published papers, articles, books, or accepted licensing examination items, and

(g) Receiving a United States patent.

(h) Actively participating in professional or technical societies as defined in 330-X-13.02(8)(f).

(i) Serving the Board as a volunteer Technical Advisor as defined in 330-X-13.02(8)(g).

(j) Active participation in educational outreach activities pertaining to professional licensure or the surveying/ engineering professions that involve K-12 or higher education students.

All activities as described in (a) through (j) above must be relevant to the practice of engineering or land surveying and may include technical, ethical, or managerial content. The Board does not preapprove or endorse any CPC activities. It is the responsibility of each licensee to assure that all PDH credits claimed meet the requirements as specified in 330- X-13.02.

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