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Who Might You Work For as a Land Surveyor?

So you want to be a land surveyor. But maybe you wonder who, besides the government, you could work for in this capacity. We often see surveyors on the streets, mapping highway alignments, marking boundaries between private and public property, and doing other official business on behalf of the city or town. Other government agencies […]

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What are Career Options in the Surveying Field?

If you have considered entering the field of land surveying, you may wonder exactly what the job entails. Many people are drawn to this career because it offers a much-sought-after benefit: the ability to work outside at a high-level job that isn’t labor-intensive. After all, not everyone enjoys being cooped up in an office all […]

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How to Apply LEED to Multi-Building Campuses

Achieving LEED certification is an important goal for many property owners and developers. It’s not easy, and many rules are involved that can vary along with the specifications of the project. One significant variation is regarding multi-building campuses. Single vs. Multi-Use There are pros and cons to applying for LEED certification for a group of […]

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What You Need to Know About LEED for Existing Buildings

When you design a building based on LEED principals, you’re starting from scratch, so you’re able to include all the specifics to ensure certification. But what about existing buildings? What can you do to get LEED certification for a building that was already constructed without these environmentally friendly concepts in mind? First, you need to […]

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Applying LEED Principles to New Construction Buildings

Many developers today are interested in constructing LEED-certified buildings. Green buildings get good PR — always welcome in the development field. Too often developers are seen as greedy or willing to cut corners to save money, even if it means compromising safety. Securing a LEED certificate is like getting confirmation of good construction behavior. Although […]

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Quick Guide to Land Mapping Drones for Surveyors

Surveying technology has greatly advanced in the last 20 years, and one of the most convenient recent inventions is land-mapping drones. These tiny marvels can do the work of one surveyor in a fraction of the time without any of the risk. Surveying can be strenuous work. It’s not just peering through a theodolite. It’s […]

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