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Applying LEED Principles to New Construction Buildings

Many developers today are interested in constructing LEED-certified buildings. Green buildings get good PR — always welcome in the development field. Too often developers are seen as greedy or willing to cut corners to save money, even if it means compromising safety. Securing a LEED certificate is like getting confirmation of good construction behavior. Although […]

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Quick Guide to Land Mapping Drones for Surveyors

Surveying technology has greatly advanced in the last 20 years, and one of the most convenient recent inventions is land-mapping drones. These tiny marvels can do the work of one surveyor in a fraction of the time without any of the risk. Surveying can be strenuous work. It’s not just peering through a theodolite. It’s […]

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The Changing Landscape of Surveying Technology

Land surveying has been around for thousands of years — as long as land has been bought, sold, claimed or otherwise fought over. Surveyors once did their jobs using the unit of measurement made common by the Greeks and Romans — the foot. As anyone can imagine, this was rather imprecise, since feet come in […]

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Florida Architects and Resilient Design: An Ongoing Issue

Florida architects face challenges that architects in some other parts of the U.S. don’t have to worry about as much, namely, hurricanes. Hurricanes can be catastrophically destructive, and Florida’s position in the Atlantic Ocean makes it particularly vulnerable. Hurricanes need warm water — at least 80 degrees — to form, according to the National Oceanic […]

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What Is the Job Outlook for Architects in Florida?

Florida is one of the best places for architects to work. What makes it the best? Zippia, a website providing career guidance, rated job prospects for architects in Florida considering several criteria, including the average salary for architects in Florida as it relates to the cost of living there. For instance, you might make more […]

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Florida 2018 Continuing Education for Architects

Most states require professional development hours for architects seeking license renewal. The number of hours varies depending on the state. Florida is one of the more demanding states, requiring 24 professional development hours for a two-year license renewal, while some other states require 16, 12, 8 or even none. The Florida Department of Business and […]

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