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Florida 2018 Continuing Education for Architects

Professional Development hours

Professional development hours for architects can be completed online.

Most states require professional development hours for architects seeking license renewal. The number of hours varies depending on the state. Florida is one of the more demanding states, requiring 24 professional development hours for a two-year license renewal, while some other states require 16, 12, 8 or even none.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires 22 of the 24 hours to be in health, safety, and welfare-related courses, with the remaining two in Advanced Florida Building Code courses.

PDH Academy offers a wide selection of classes you can choose from to fulfill Florida’s professional development hours requirement. We have 50 courses totaling 221.5 hours, so you are not forced to take a course you’re not interested in just to meet a requirement. Browse our selections and find something that matches your specialty area.

Professional Development Hours for Florida’s Building Code

Florida made sweeping changes to its building code recently, updating the policies and procedures last put forth in 2014. These changes are specific, technical, and critical to follow when designing a building to avoid costly violations. That is why the state requires two professional development hours solely dedicated to learning these changes.

PDH offers a two-hour class called Florida Building Code 6th Edition: Advanced Course that fulfills the state’s requirement. The class covers all the important changes to the code and how it relates to the 2015 International Building Code. To learn more about the Florida Advanced Building Code’s specific changes, see our detailed analysis.

The remaining 22 professional development hours required in the areas of health, safety, and welfare do not have to be Florida-specific; that’s why you get such a wide variety of choices for courses. All of PDH’s courses are approved by the American Institute of Architects, which means they are automatically approved for credit by the state of Florida.

We are a full-service provider of continuing education for architects, so we automatically report your course completion to the AIA (if you are a member), so they have a record of your professional development hours.

This is not an option with the Florida state board, however. To meet their requirements, you check off a box saying you took the classes, and they only ask for proof if they audit you, so be sure to retain the certificates of completion we send you for verification purposes. For more information on this specific topic, see our page for Florida architects.

Professional development hours

Florida architects have specific requirements they must meet for professional development hours.

How Professional Development Hours Work at PDH

You can save money on your relicensing courses by opting for one of our class bundles. We offer six bundles with our most popular and requested topics such as moisture resistance, durability, and pre-fab construction.

All of our classes are conducted 100 percent online. This type of convenience is invaluable to busy professionals, who rarely have the time to travel to classes held at specific times in brick-and-mortar locations.

However, just because a live teacher does not instruct you on the material does not mean one is not available to help you if you have any questions. We provide every student with a toll-free number to call with any problems or questions.

If your Florida license renewal is coming up, make it easy on yourself and get your professional development hours through PDH Academy. We offer everything you need and more, and it’s one-stop shopping. For the best in quality, prices, and convenience, see our courses for architects!

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