PDH Online or Offline Works for Maryland Engineers

PDH online

Looking for PDH online or offline? Engineers in Maryland have plenty of options for professional development hours, and PDH Academy works for all of them.

Convenience, versatility, applicability and cost savings: That’s why so many people choose PDH Academy. Whether your continuing education requirements are rapidly approaching or you just like to plan ahead, here’s what you can expect.

Total Accessibility Convenience for Busy Engineering Professionals

Whether you prefer to study for your engineering continuing education courses and take the accompanying exams on or offline, PDH Academy has you covered. Our courses are available in a hard-copy booklet format, or you can access your materials online using a desktop computer, tablet or a smartphone.

For the offline or correspondence method, we’ll mail you a booklet and exam. Once your completed, successful exam is graded, we’ll return your certificate of completion via e-mail, regular mail or fax.

Most engineers choose online study because it’s quicker and there’s no paperwork involved. Study and take the exam online, and we’ll return your certificate of completion. If you’re ever audited, the certificate serves as proof that you earned the required credits.

Broad Range of Available Course Material Choices 

Maryland engineers have no shortage of course material to study. For example, Stream Restoration PDH204  covers re-establishment of the stream structure as well as factors that affect the stream.

Electrical Power Distribution Systems PDH216 covers the design of electric power distribution systems for overhead, underground and underwater cable systems and substations.

Structure and Properties of Metals – Vol 1 PDH215, originally developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, offers training for a basic understanding of metal structure and properties, stressors that affect metals, failure modes and characteristics of metals for different applications.

PDH online

With PDH Academy, continuing education is hassle-free.

PDH Academy Meets Maryland Board for Professional Engineers Requirements

According to the Maryland Board for Professional Engineers, licensees need 24 PDH units per reporting period, and PDH Academy meets them. The requirements are broken down as follows:

  • No fewer than 18 PDH units in Category A programs to include at least 1 PDH unit in standards of practice, care, regulations, and laws for Maryland engineers or professional ethics for engineers.
  • No more than 6 PDH hours in Category B programs.
  • If you have some free time and want to study ahead, Maryland allows it with reasonable limits. A maximum of 12 units earned above the 24 PDH unit requirement may be carried over to the next term.

Buy a Course Bundle and Enjoy Significant Savings

Do you enjoy saving money? Who doesn’t? PDH Academy understands, which is why we offer a course bundle that’s appropriate for Maryland engineers and saves $71 over the cost of the same courses purchased separately.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Roundabouts Introduction and Planning PDH201
  • Roundabouts Operation and Safety PDH202
  • Highway and Rail Transit Tunnel Inspection PDH203
  • Ethical Decisions and Moral Overload PDH209

This bundle pulls together 18 professional development hours, which you can round out with additional courses for the required 24.

Engineering licensure in Maryland is a straightforward affair. Study PDH materials on or offline, take your exams, earn your certificate of completion and go on about your career. It’s as simple as that.

Ready to dive into continuing education training? Check out our PE approved courses today.

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